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Department of Animal Science

Science Scorecard

Youth Science Project Scorecard

At the State Fair all entries will be recognized for the efforts of each individual or group representing their part of New York State.

In addition, First, Second and Third place awards will be presented to projects in each of two divisions: Individual Projects and Group Projects. As participation and sponsorships grow in future years, further divisions by project type and ages may be possible.

For all projects:

  • 10 Originality
  • 15 Design of project
  • 15 Validity of conclusions
  • 20 Quality of presentation

For experiments:

  • 15 Hypothesis
  • 25 Methods used to test hypothesis

For descriptive projects:

  • 20 Quality of observations
  • 10 Variety of observations
  • 10 Methods of Compilation and Summary

For public service projects:

  • 10 Approach
  • 15 Importance
  • 15 Understanding of Scientific Basis

Grand Total for any project type will be 100

Contact: Dana Palmer

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