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Department of Animal Science

Willman Fund Resource Awards

The Youth Extension Staff team in the Department of Animal Science is pleased to announce availability of funding for the Willman Resource Awards! Thanks to the New York State 4-H Foundation Willman Fund, we are able to offer seven (7) $500 resource award scholarships to county extension associations in New York State that engage youth in animal science programming.

What does this mean for you? Counties have the opportunity to “team up” and spend up to $500 on animal science related educational resource materials and equipment, or to conduct regional in-services of their choice. We encourage proposals that will help increase youth participation and pay for items that are re-usable rather than perishable. Clinician travel expenses can also be covered. Please do not request funding for participant food, clothing or recognition items.

What’s the catch? In order for applications to be considered, county associations must “team up” with at least two counties working together to provide materials/programing to youth working with any species. That’s it!

How do you apply? Get together with your surrounding counties and come up with a plan on how you, as a team, can utilize these funds to provide programming to the youth in your region. Submit the following online application by March 1. Once approved, counties are free to make purchases up to $500 for program supplies, equipment, to conduct regional programming – whatever they choose – be creative!

How do you report back to us? Fill out the report form on the Willman/Rice page on our site, where you will detail how the program met its objectives and how it impacted the youth in the region. This must be done by September 30 in order to receive your funds. Email an invoice to Barb Jones ( detailing how the money was spent and what account you want the reimbursement to be placed into. We will process the award and you will receive a credit to your account for the amount spent up to $500. It is that easy!

If you need more assistance making choices about what to buy or how to order it, you may contact any one of the individuals listed on our Staff Page. Help make the 4-H youth animal science program in your county stronger! Remember to apply by March 1!


NYS 4-H Willman Animal Science Fund Resource Award Application

NYS 4-H Willman Animal Science Fund Resource Award Application

Period of Program Activity: January 1, 2018 to September 1, 2018
Application Deadline: March 1, 2018

Project Description

Team representative responsible for fund request





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