Horse Communication Entry

Instructions for entering youth for Individual Presentation, Team Presentation, and Public Speaking Events:

  1. Begin a new registration.
  2. If this is the first time you have registration youth, you will need to enter your CCE contact information first. Otherwise, select your name from the drop-down menu on the first screen.
  3. Enter the email’s of all educators and/or leaders who need to receive a confirmation of the registration summary.
  4. Enter each youth’s information, along with all details (Event, Sr/Jr, Region, Title, etc). Up to 20 youth may be registered in one transaction.
  5. Complete the registration by going to the “Summary”.

Copies of the entry summary will automatically be emailed to you (the CCE Educator’s email), to Barbara Jones (NYS 4-H Horse Program Assistant), and to any other Educator or Leader emails that you list. These emails will replace the multiple “signatures” that were required previously. It will be the responsibility of the CCE educators to contact you if there is a problem with their entries.

Early entry would be appreciated. No individual or team will be permitted to compete unless an entry has been received.

Substitutions can be made PRIOR TO THE ENTRY DEADLINE, if submitted to the Regional Chair via email. No changes may be made after the entry deadline.

Refer to the NYS 4-H Horse Educational Events Rule Book for more information.

Register Youth Here