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Department of Animal Science

Horse Communications

DATE: May 12, 2018 (registration deadline May 1, 2018)

TIME: 9:00 AM – Contest begins for juniors and seniors
*PLEASE NOTE – Individual schedules will be mailed to the participants once they are registered. Try to arrive at least one-half hour prior to your scheduled time.

PLACE: 507 Tower Road, Morrison Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY(Corner of Judd Falls and Tower Roads)

Print the 2018 Communications Event Memo

The NYS Horse Communications contest is an event for qualifying youth (decided at the Regional Level) to compete and show off communications and public speaking skills.   The event is centered around the horse world, encompassing a wide variety of topics.   Winners at the Senior Level will be invited to attend the Eastern National 4-H Horse Roundup in Louisville Kentucky.   As this is a state level event, youth will be evaluated at a high level with constructive comments offered to help youth improve.   The communications program offered by 4-H is one of the most beneficial programs, allowing youth to learn and practice public speaking skills that can be used in future.

Entry/Registration forms for the Communications Event

On Arrival:

  • Please enter Morrison Hall by the East Morrison Hall parking lot entrance, which is easily accessible by the upper Morrison parking lot. Please look for signs.
  • Put your things in Rm. 101 – holding room – please use the elevator at this end of the hallway as there are 2 different communications events taking place in the building this day.
  • Register on the third floor – PLEASE be quiet as the contest will be in progress on the 3rd floor.

Schedules – will be posted on the appropriate contest room on the 3rd floor and in the holding room.


  • Be familiar with the NYS 4-H Horse Communications rules. They will be used for this event.
  • Contestants may introduce themselves. Room monitors will not be making introductions. Refer to rules.
  • The top presenters will be invited to participate at the NYS 4-H Horse Communications Invitational in the 4-H Building at the NY State Fair:
    • For juniors and seniors
    • top five Individual Presenters
    • top two Public Speakers
    • top Team Presenters
  • Bring your own lunch, drinks and refreshments.
  • Bring your own equipment and props (easel, DVD player, computer, etc.), these will not be supplied for you.

LODGING: A limited number of rooms have been blocked at the Ramada Ithaca, 2310 N. Triphammer Rd, under “Horse Communication”, for the night before the event .

          The rooms must be booked 2 weeks before the event.  After that date, they will be released to the general public.

EVENT MOTTO:   Remember to do your very best, but “We are here to have FUN. If we do well besides, then we had more fun!”

If you have more questions, please contact:
Rich Miller
NYS 4-H Horse Communications Chairperson
Home: 585-728-9434
Cell: 585-880-7865



Parking – in the upper Morrison Hall parking lot – If you are unfamiliar with the Cornell campus contact your county 4-H staff for directions and more information. Please enter Morrison Hall by the East Morrison Hall parking lot entrance, which is easily accessible from the upper Morrison parking lot. Please look for signs.

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