YQCA Certification

What is YQCA?

YQCA is a national multi-species quality assurance program focused on three core pillars: food safety, animal well-being, and character development. YQCA training is completed either online through self-directed courses or through in-person training workshops arranged by 4-H (YQCA) certified instructors.

New York 4-H youth ages 8-18, who are enrolled in any of the livestock projects listed below may complete the YQCA online course if your county does not offer in-person training.

  • Beef
  • Dairy Cattle
  • Goat
  • Poultry
  • Rabbit
  • Sheep
  • Swine

YQCA training modules accommodate multiple levels of learning for all ages. The appropriate level is determined by the age/grade of youth at the time training takes place. Certification levels are made by 4-Hers, parents/guardians and county 4-H staff where youth are geographically enrolled.

Objectives of YQCA training in New York:

  • Ensure safety and well-being of animals produced by youth
  • Ensure a safe food supply to consumers
  • Enhance the future of our state livestock industry by educating youth on these very important issues so they can become more informed producers, consumers and/or employees in the agriculture and food industry
  • Maximize the limited development time and budgets of state and national youth program leaders to provide an effective quality assurance program for youth
  • Offer livestock show managers with a valid, national quality assurance certification for youth livestock exhibitors

As of October 1, 2018, youth in New York have two options. They may attend an in-person workshop arranged by a certified (YQCA) instructor, or complete a 1 hour on-line training. Youth completing either quality assurance training option will receive a certificate of completion.  Certification is typically valid for 1 year. Cost is paid at the time of training. Because the certification program is offered in multiple states, nominal fees help maintain system and learning module updates.

To learn more about training opportunities nearest year, contact your local Cornell Cooperative Extension 4-H office. http://cce.cornell.edu/localoffices

Login & Course Instructions

STEP 1: Login & Create Account

Go to https://yqca.learngrow.io/Account/Login.

Select to sign in with 4-H Online.

YCQA Sign In

You will be prompted to select the state 4-H program you are enrolled in. Select “New York 4-H Youth Development”.

Then, enter the login information for your family 4-H Online account.

After successfully logging in, you will be given a list of active family members. Select a family member and begin the account creation process.

After creating your account, you can still log in using your 4-H Online credentials. The username will be used if you decide to disconnect your account from 4-H Online.

STEP 2: Accessing & Paying for Courses

To begin a course, click one of the courses listed.

Be sure to select the web-based version.

Read the descriptions of the courses carefully to make sure the individual associated with the account meets the requirements.

Select the appropriate course and course options for the participant.

Purchase the course by entering your credit card information or entering your coupon code provided by your local Extension office, if applicable.

STEP 3: Accessing Certificates of Completion

Once all of the lesson quizzes have been successfully completed, the participant will have access to their Certificate of Completion. Return to the course menu screen to print the certificate. Certificates can be downloaded as PDF files and/or sent by email.




For YQCA technical support, go to: http://yqca.org/