Animal Crackers Topics

Dog Stations:

Nutrition Knowhow – Do you know what is safe to feed your dog? Learn the difference between required nutrients and treats and how to keep your pet in tip top shape.

Healthy Habits –Learn about common diseases and prevention strategies, including vaccinations veterinarians provide for pets to keep them from getting sick.

Predator or Prey? –Learn the difference between friendly and not so friendly behavior by reading animal body language.

What’s Bugging Bruno? – Learn about parasites that live in and on dogs and in your neighborhood. Discover which pests cause common canine diseases in NY.

Clipper Caper – What do professional groomers do? Learn about the tools of the trade and tips from a professional about daily and seasonal grooming options for well-known dog breeds.

Dogs with Jobs – Dogs have many jobs that involve their sense of smell.  Visit with a trainer who teaches canine search and rescue skills to help others.


Equine Stations: 

Poop Soup – Managing internal parasites is critical to maintaining a healthy horse.  Analyzing fecal material (Poop) is one way to predict the presence of internal parasites.  Learn about parasite life cycles and ways to treat and prevent pesky organisms that reduce health and wellbeing of equines.

Safety Head to Toe – It’s the law to wear a helmet when mounted on a horse if you are under age 18.  Regardless of your age, your head is your most valuable body part and it needs protection.  Learn to select and fit a helmet, explore styles and other safety related attire and riding equipment.

From the Horses Mouth – It’s more than having a beautiful smile.  Did you know equines are similar to humans when it comes to teeth?  They also have some differences based on their anatomy, diet and routines.  Explore basics of dentistry and the importance good dental care has on overall horse health.

Ground Safety – Learn how to safely catch, lead, and work around a horse.  How to approach and secure a horse can be tricky.  Learn tips to develop a good team and be pro-active in identifying weaknesses in your handling and spotting problems in your environments.

Got Wheels – The Sport of Carriage Driving – A sport for a variety of equines from minis to drafts. Harnessing, equipment and other topics will be covered.  Due to size and ease in transporting equipment, minis have become a growing contender in this discipline.  Older equines, youngsters or horses that may not be suited for riding, may still excel.

No Hoof, No Horse – Hoof knowledge is an important part of maintaining a healthy horse.  Today’s farriers put skills and knowledge of farrier science to work to improve the health and performance of horses.  Learn different types of farrier tools for horse shoe removal and hoof trimming by seeing and touching these tools of the trade.