Pet Projects

Youngsters learn how to care for their pets, as well as the science and nature of companion animals. Pets have included cats, tropical fish, rabbits, birds, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs and dogs. This project offers the opportunity for a youngster to have some meaningful responsibility and take pride in caring for something alive.

This project is suitable for young people ages 5 to 19 in anywhere in the New York State.

Basic 4-H Small Pets Materials

The 4-H Pet “Skills for Life” Series developed by the 4-H Cooperative Curriculum System (4-HCCS) is part of the national 4-H reviewed and recommended resource collection. Price ranges vary according to the quantity. The average price per book is $4.95 (prices may change). The 4-HCCS website is located at

Pet 1 Pet Pals
Pet 2 Scurrying Ahead
Pet 3 Flocking Together
Pet 4 Helper’s Guide

Ohio has a 4-H PetPALS, curriculum co-authored by Dr. Marie Suthers-McCabe at Virginia Tech and Lucinda Miller of Ohio Sate. 4-H PetPALS is an animal-assisted activities curriculum whereby adult volunteers who are trained as Master 4-H PetPALS volunteer leaders, teach youth who train their pets to visit residents of nursing homes and health care facilities. It can also be adapted for other types of AAA visits. It is modeled after the Delta Society’s Pet Partners Program.

The members resource cannot stand alone, as 4-H PetPALS is a leader-directed project; therefore, there is not much information in the member’s resource other than activity sheets.
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National Science Digital Library…Want to learn more about your favorite pet?
Search the library with key words like “pet” or “goldfish”.

PBS Kids – Technology and Inventions

Pet Health

Ohio Pocket Pets Resource Handbook (4-H 220R) and Pocket Pets Project and Record Book (4-H 220) – available from


Cat Fanciers Association

4-H Cat Project – Unit One:  Washington State University Extension