NYS Fair Rules

NYS Fair Info regarding Helmets and Boots

  1. The “official” helmet for the NYS 4-H Horse Program is the equine riding helmet with ASTM-1163/SEI or ASTM – F – 1163-04a/SEI certification.
  2. “Proper equestrian footwear with a distinguishable heel” is required.
  3. “Fat Baby” and “Chunk” type boots – there has been discussion at the HEC meetings in the past about the Western style “Fat Baby” and “Chunk” type boots that are currently being marketed by most major boot manufacturers. These boots originally came on the market as “fashion boots” and were not necessarily intended to be used when riding horses. They are however being marketed as “equestrian footwear” and do have a distinguishable heel. Although the NYS 4-H Horse Program cannot make a decision to outlaw this equestrian footwear – please try to educate volunteers and youth in your programs that the width of the toe and the tread of the sole of some of these boots need to be evaluated. The width of the stirrup being used compared to the width of a particular boot must be considered to make sure that there is a safe margin between the sides of the boot and the sides of the stirrup and that the treads are not so deep that they prevent the release of the boot from the stirrup in the case of an emergency.
  4. An approved helmet and equestrian footwear must be worn at all times at 4-H events when:
    • A rider is mounted on an equine
    • Youth are riding in a vehicle being pulled by one or more equines
    • Youth are in the show ring with an equine (i.e. showmanship at halter)
  5. New Since 2012 – There are “Acknowledgement of Risk” (AOR) forms from the P.W. Wood Office that must be filled out by parents/guardians for all 4-H Members.  They are posted to the NYS 4-H Risk management website.
  6. New 2016-Western Dressage Classes (no reining classes this year)–all patterns and rules for
    Western Dressage are included in the NYS 4-H Horse Show Rule Book.
  7. Please be aware that there will be no “Draft Horse” or “Donkey/Mule” Divisions at the NYS Fair 4-H Horse Show. These Divisions may be held at the local level and will be considered in the future at the state show if there is enough interest with youth involved across the state. Once again, there will be a “Mounted Games” Division being offered this year at the State Fair 4-H Horse Show, pending enough entries are submitted.
  8. Signatures on entry forms – the NY State Fair Horse Show entries will need 1)  A “county” educator/designated staff signature AND 2)  the HEC “Regional Chair” signature.

It is required that each horse has its own Coggins and Rabies Certificates – it is the horse owner’s responsibility to ask their veterinarian for these separate health records.