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Dairy Cattle

Activities and Events

4-H Youth Dairy Events & Activities

Other youth dairy activities & programs

Dairy projects of many kinds are available to New York youth ages 5-19 through the Cornell Cooperative Extension program.

Below are some suggested references to use in your programs with youth interested in projects and activities focusing around dairy animals.

This page lists quite a number of resources for youth and leaders interested in Dairy Cattle. The following 3 sites are the most recommended.

The 4-H Dairy “Skills for Life” Series, developed by the 4-H Cooperative Curriculum System (4-HCCS), is part of the national 4-H reviewed and recommended resource collection. Price ranges vary according to quantity. “Skills for Life” may be purchased at
Many species topics are available.

    The Dairy related titles are:

  • Dairy 1 Dig Into Dairy
  • Dairy 2 Moving Ahead
  • Dairy 3 Leading the Way
  • Dairy 4 Helper’s Guide
For more information, contact:
National 4-H Supply Service
7100 Connecticut Ave.
Chevy Chase, MD 20815-4999
Phone: (301) 961-2934
Fax: (301) 961-2937

Dairy Cattle Resources


Online Dairy Judging Practice – Online dairy judging practice offered by the University of Vermont. Contains two different classes to judge with official reasons being offered when you are done.

Judging Guide by Hoard’s Dairyman – Features latest PDCA Unified Scorecard, and an Introduction to Linear Scoring, with analysis of frame, udder, body capacity, legs and feet, and dairy character, explained and completely illustrated. This newest edition includes three warm-up practice classes to get you started, and then 15 judging classes, 3 of each breed. Printed insert gives judges’ placings and reasons. All full-color illustrations. 38 pages. . Can be ordered at through their online bookstore or call 920-563-5551.

Body Condition Scorecard by Hoard’s Dairyman – Body Condition Scorecard helps achieve maximum production and breeding efficiency: gives desired scores with stages of lactation; high quality photos for comparison. Folds to pocket-size, dirt & water-proof. Can be ordered at through their online bookstore or call 920-563-5551.

Dairy Judging“Dairy Judging” is an introductory workbook that outlines the PDCA scorecard and five major breakdowns as well as strategies and theories of evaluating individual cows and groups of cows. Also highlighted in this publication is a basic introduction to judging dairy goats. Contact Holstein Foundation, P.O. Box 816, Brattleboro, VT 05302- 0816 or call 1-800-952-5200 ext.4124.

Dairy Uniform ScorecardPublication giving the major classification traits on which a classifier bases a cow’s score, and pictures and breed characteristics of the major breeds of cows.

Cattle Breeds

Breeds of Cattle an online reference compiled by OK State.

Breed Associations

Dairy Nutrition Publications

Feedstuff IQ by Hoard’s Dairyman – Guess 20 by-product feeds from their appearance/description. (Reprint of 2/25/97 article) Can be ordered at through their online bookstore or call 920-563-5551.

World of Dairy Cattle Nutrition – “World of Dairy Cattle Nutrition” was developed as a basic introduction for young dairy enthusiasts into the world of ruminant nutrition. This workbook and corresponding exercises outlines the digestive system and how it affects individual cow and herd management.

Feeding and Managing Dairy Cows by Penn StateDetailed, easy-to-understand information about the dry period, how to manage and feed the dry cow, and specific details about a dry cow’s nutrient requirements. Also included are the preventative steps you can take when dealing with metabolic disorders such as milk fever, ketosis, fatty liver syndrome, and others.

Calf Care, Calf Management and Heifer Management

Calf Care by Hoard’s Dairyman – Calving, feeding, housing and health with new recommendations on scours, sample calf barns, updated vaccination schedule. 48 pages. Can be ordered at through their online bookstore or call 920-563-5551.

Calf Manager CD by Hoard’s Dairyman – Just updated, 40 topics on calf care/calf raiser skills, Sam Leadley’s Calf Mgt. Facts, Calving Ease Newsletter, Jim Quigley’s Calf Notes and feeding section from Penn State. Includes video clips. For PCs. Can be ordered at through their online bookstore or call 920-563-5551.

Herd Health

NYS Cattle Health Assurance Program – The New York State Cattle Health Assurance Program (NYSCHAP) is an integrated disease prevention program that utilizes a team of advisors to develop a farm-specific herd health plan.

Dairy Herd Health by Hoard’s Dairyman – Prevent costly health problems; gives causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment of common ailments. Revised. 103 pages. Can be ordered at through their online bookstore or call 920-563-5551.

Manual of Foot Care in Cattle – This is a step-by-step illustrated guide to trimming the hooves of dairy cows. Such trimming is especially important for young animals because their walking habits and leg shapes are still being formed. Includes tips for trimming hooves, as well as a tool list and step-by-step by procedures, illustrated with photographs. Can be ordered through the Hoards’ Online Book Store or call 920-563-5551.

Reproduction and Genetics

Understanding Genetics, Sire Summaries, Pedigrees and Working with Dairy Cattle are all workbooks developed to help young people learn about genetics and genetic evaluations in the dairy industry. Workbooks can be downloaded free from Holstein Foundation Workbooks

4-H Dairy Materials or Projects

Dairy Reference Manual – The latest information categorized into the following areas: farm management, dairy housing, handling and behavior, young stock and dairy replacements, dairy nutrition, physiology and disease, reproduction, dairy cattle improvement, milking equipment, milk marketing, policy, veal and dairy beef, dairy goats, 4-H dairy program. Many tables and charts included. May be available at your favorite local or online bookstore.

Dairy Learning Lab Interactive CD-ROM – Interactive CD-ROM provides information on: dairy cow anatomy, breed identification, conformation, and quality assurance. It can be used as a supplement to any classroom course. MAC/WIN. . Can be ordered at or (607) 244-1837 ;( 607) 255-9252.

4-H Cooperative Curriculum System-Skills for Life, Animal Science Series. – The 4-H Dairy “Skills for Life” series developed by the 4-H Cooperative Curriculum Series (4-HCCS) is part of there national 4-H reviewed and recommended resource collection. Series includes: “Dairy 1- Dig into Dairy”, “Dairy 2- Mooving Ahead”, “Dairy 3- Leading the Way”, and “Dairy Helpers Guide”. The average cost is $3.60 each or $14.00 for the 4 book series. The 4-HCCS website is located at Phone: 1-800-876-836

Ohio State Learning Lab Kits are now available for 4-H Educators to borrow from our resources page. They may also be purchased from the Ohio State website or by contacting Communications and Technology Media Distribution (614) 292-1607.

4-H Livestock Educator’s Animal Health Resource Notebook – Animal Health guidelines, recommendations and fact sheets for exhibitions with cattle, farm tours and judging tours. Fact sheet on good biosecurity practices on the farm and with dairy youth activities. Includes information and facts sheets on livestock diseases including swine, horse and cattle. Available online at , click on Modules along the left column and 4-H livestock manual appears.

The Dairy Industry

Working With Dairy Cattle – This workbook provides hints that will help make young peoples’ experience of raising a dairy calf both educational and successful. The basic principles for which this workbook has been based are as follows:

  • Develop basic techniques in feeding and caring for an animal.
  • Learn the principles of good record keeping.
  • Develop basic marketing principles.
  • Gain experience in buying, developing, and showing animals.
  • Learn how to present an animal and yourself for the public.
  • Develop good personal character.
  • Gain leadership experience

Contact Holstein Foundation, P.O. Box 816, Brattleboro, VT 05302- 0816 or call 1-800-952-5200 ext.4124 or go to to download for free.

Marketing Dairy Cattle

Dairy Cattle Marketing – This workbook presents the basic ideals of how to effectively market dairy cattle through a wide variety of means. The information in this workbook presents several ideas and strategies to establish an active marketing program. Contact Holstein Foundation, P.O. Box 816, Brattleboro, VT 05302- 0816 or call 1-800-952-5200 ext.4124 or go to to download for free.

Websites on Various Dairy Topics

University of Kentucky Animal Science Department – This site has many links to publications that focus on nutrition, reproduction, grazing, facilities, manure management, genetics, mastitis control, milk marketing and forage production.

Arkansas Dairy Publications – This site a wide range of many downloads on dairy topics. Such topics include heat stress, herd health, manure management, vaccination programs and economics on heifer rising to name a few. This site is sponsored by the University of Arkansas.

Dairy Fact Sheets – This website has numerous download a range on current dairy topics. Such topics include Johne’s Disease, Bovine Somatotropin, and drug residues to name a few. These publications are offered by Rutgers Cooperative Extension.

Dairy Science and Technology Education series – This website is sponsored by the University of Guelph. Links are available on downloads for introductory dairy science and technology, milk production, Dairy Chemistry, Dairy Processing, Dairy Products, and structure of milk and dairy products.

Dairy Industry Magazines

  • Hoard’s Dairyman. Subscription inquires: Hoard’s Dairyman, P.O. Box 801, Fort Atkinson, WI. 53538-9989; Phone: (920) 563-7298.
  • Dairy Herd Management Magazine. Subscription inquires: Dairy Herd Management Circulation Dept., P.O. Box 2939, Shawnee Mission, KS 66201.
  • DairyBusiness East. Subscription inquires. Subscriber Service, 6437 Collamer Rd, East Syracuse, NY 13057. Phone: 1-800-334-1904. Email:
  • Dairy Today Magazine. Subscription inquires. Phone: 1-800-331-9310. Email:

Careers in the Dairy Industry

Dairy-related Careers by Hoard’s Dairyman – Helps young people make the most of their education/farm background to find a career. Individuals describe over 25 careers, their duties, demands, and rewards. 64 pages. Can be ordered at through their online bookstore or call 920-563-5551.

The Path to Your Future – The junior workbook, “The Path to Your Future…Career Opportunities in the Dairy Industry” is designed to help young people develop potential career objectives by describing dairy related employment opportunities. The information provides extensive descriptions of a variety of challenging jobs available in the field of agriculture. Contact Holstein Foundation, P.O. Box 816, Brattleboro, VT 05302- 0816 or call 1-800-952-5200 ext.4124 or go to to download for free.

Contact: Debbie Grusenmeyer

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