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Department of Animal Science

Beef Cattle

Complete Manual for 4-H Beef Project Members

The menu to the right links to the various 4-H beef cattle projects –>

More beef information:

NY Beef Producers’ Association
NYS Cattle Health Assurance Program
Cattle Breeds
NetVet Beef Resources
New York Beef Industry Council
Cornell University Beef Cattle Management

Primary Resources
Exploring Beef Health and Husbandry National 4-H Peer Reviewed Product #08455

The 4-H Beef Skills for Life Series, developed by the 4-H Cooperative Curriculum System (4-HCCS), is part of the national 4-H reviewed and recommended resource collection. Price ranges vary according to quantity. “Skills for Life” may be purchased at
Many species topics are available. Here are the beef related titles:
Beef 1 Bite Into Beef
Beef 2 Here’s the Beef
Beef 3 Leading the Charge
Beef 4 Helper’s Guide.

Ohio State University Learning Lab Kits are available at the Ohio State website or by contacting Communications and Technology Media Distribution (614) 292-1607.

Contact: Dana Palmer

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